Artist’s Talk with Ann-Marie Manker at whitespace this Saturday

Ann-Marie Manker, "Praying Mantis," acrylic, graphite, ink and varnish on wood panel, 18" x 24" x 2"

Ann-Marie Manker, “Praying Mantis,” acrylic, graphite, ink and varnish on wood panel, 18″ x 24″ x 2″

Stop by whitespace this Saturday, April 20th at 2:00pm to hear Ann-Marie Manker talk about her latest body of work Under the Rainbow, on view through May 11th at whitespace.  This exhibition focuses on the inner struggle of a femme fatale. Manker’s carefully rendered female subjects reveal the many sides of anima/animus through their actions. They play the role of oppressor, the victim or both. These women have remorse and delight for their actions, and they are simultaneously confident and insecure. The depicted females embrace violent aspects of their male inner selves, and in other moments, mourn the inevitable loss of their more feminine characteristics.   Setting the figures in psychologically charged landscapes filled with clouds and waterfalls, Manker uses various symbols in the work, predominately the rainbow. It is this product of light that empowers action, symbolizes control and feeds darkness that together characterize the femme fatales of Under the Rainbow. Under the Rainbow is Ann-Marie Manker’s third solo exhibition at whitespace gallery.  For a full list of available works and pricing please click here.

Ann-Marie Manker is an Atlanta-based artist and foundation studies professor at Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta who has shown her work across the United States and internationally. Exhibitions of special note include Body of Work, Women to Watch 2010 Biennial Exhibition, at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C.; Young Movers & Shakers at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia; Tiger Tiger Burning Bright at Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle; Affinity, Vision and Difference: Women Artists from the Permanent Collection at Savannah College of Art Design Atlanta; Year of the Rabbit at Beep Beep Gallery in Atlanta and Savannah College of Art and Design Hong Kong; Pillow Talk at Ruth Bachofner Gallery in Los Angeles, CA; and Transatlantic at Gallery 24 in Berlin, Germany. Manker also received The Forward Arts Foundation’s Emerging Artist Award in 2006 and a Fulton County grant as a Hambidge Fellow in 2009. She holds a MFA in Drawing and Painting from Georgia State University and a BFA from the University of Southern California.

Ann-Marie Manker, "Under the Rainbow," acrylic, graphite, ink and varnish on wood panel, 24" x 18" x 2"

Ann-Marie Manker, “Under the Rainbow,” acrylic, graphite, ink and varnish on wood panel, 24″ x 18″ x 2″


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