“From Cosmology to Neurology and Back Again”

Featuring works by 22 artists

Curated by Dr. Jerry Cullum

Opening Reception: July 6 | 7 – 10 pm  with one-time only performance by Sissi Fonseca at 9 pm

Julianne Trew

Julianne Trew, Photodisintegration, oil on panel, 24 x 60

July 6 – August 5, 2012

“From Cosmology to Neurology and Back Again” explores the ways in which cognitive sciences drive the discussion about the nature of investigation in the sciences and humanities and the resulting impact on artists. Cognitive sciences offer a new perspective on perception: on why we cannot seem to grasp more than a fraction of the implications of complex systems, on why we tend to overvalue whichever parts of the system we ourselves take as our area of specialization, on why human frailty and emotion tend to affect or infect all our efforts at what used to be called “pure rationality.” “From Cosmology to Neurology and Back Again” is a metaphor-laden exhibition meant to provoke reflection about these complex sets of interactions and the reasons we find it so difficult to keep all of them in mind at the same time.

The show includes works by a variety of international and local artists: Bethany Collins, Henry Detweiler, Terri Dilling, Harris Dimitropoulos, Sissi Fonseca, Hugo Fortes, Mike Germon, Beth Lilly, Rafael Marchetti, Todd Murphy, Kelly O’Brien, Chelsea Raflo, Seana Reilly, Pedro Rivadeneira, Dick Robinson, Rachel Rosalen, Julie Sims, Nikki Starz, Ann Stewart, Karley Sullivan, Jullianne Trew, and  Marcia Vaitsman

whitespace | 814 Edgewood Avenue | Atlanta, GA 30307 | 404.688.1892   gallery hours: Wed – Sat | 11 am – 5 pm



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