Francis Pavy: OPEN ROADS at Barbara Archer Gallery / Reception June 10, 7-9pm


Francis Pavy, a distinctive, southern visual narrator, will be exhibiting a collection of his works, titled NEW ROADS at Barbara Archer Gallery. One of the most significant artists of his region, Pavy’s NEW ROADS is the premiere solo exhibition of his work in Atlanta.

In this new series of works, Pavy makes use of his past iconic imagery layered in transparent color saturated fields to make narrative works. The lexicon of his work includes musicians, animals, food, carnival, urban and rural imagery firmly grounded in the vernacular of the American South. These images have been transferred to linoleum blocks and used to print on paper and most recently canvas.

These narrative works are part of two series: ”The Seaside Suite,” which deals with fortunes, good and bad; and, “Borderlands” which explores subtleties of perceptions, real and imagined, Pavy says  “I call these works non-linear narratives because the interpretation of the storyline can be approached at any point as opposed to literature or music where one thing follows another.”

Francis Pavy graduated from the University of Southwestern Louisiana in 1976. He originally worked as a sculptor, opening his Lafayette studio in 1981 and experimenting with glass, drawing and painting. Over time, painting became Pavy’s major focus. His work stems from the southern storytelling tradition; common subjects are folklife and folklore of local people juxtaposed with contemporary American life. Pavy is particularly interested in the music and the musical traditions of Louisiana.

Pavy works in a variety of media including painting, neon, paper and canvas printed with linocut blocks. His work vibrates with color and musical rhythm, grounding abstract dimensions in Southern motifs and playing on themes of mysticism, love, nature, humor, and friendship. Pavy’s work has been included in over 20 major exhibitions worldwide, and his paintings are in the permanent collections of the Morris Museum of Art, New Orleans Museum of Art, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the private collections of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Ron Howard, Lorne Michaels, and Walker Percy, among others. Pavy’s work has been published in a variety of catalogs, books and magazine articles, including: Elvis & Marilyn: 2 Times Immortal (US & Japanese Edition), The South: A Treasury Of Art and Literature, Francis X. Pavy, La Musique Zydeco, The Colors of Rhythm, and Outward Bound, American Art on the Brink of the 21st Century.




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