“Witch’s Brew” by Adrienne Outlaw at whitespace gallery

APRIL 21 – JUNE 4, 2011

Opening Reception: April 21 | 7 pm – 10 pm

Artist Conversation: May 14 | 1 pm

 Adrienne Outlaw’s interactive exhibition “Witch’s Brew” sheds light on ethical issues created by the rapid advancement of biotechnology and in particular, the rising trend of DIYers growing biological experiments at home. The Fecund Series speaks to the human desire for progress and the possibility of Frankensteinian horrors.  Adrienne Outlaw explores the often contentious debate about science, nature and religion and how that impacts the bioethical dialogue. Working with cutting edge scientists, Outlaw selects videos showing the latest advancements in the field of biophysics and makes her own movies of intimate maternal scenes. She places the videos and objects in anthropomorphic specimen cases so that they can be seen but not touched. Some works are fun, elegant and beautiful; others are marred by the recombination process. Viewers become participants in the work when they peer inside a piece and see their reflection.

 whitespace | 814 Edgewood Ave | Atlanta, GA 30307 | 404.688.1892 | Gallery Hours | Wed – Sat | 11 am – 5 pm



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