Daniel Biddy: Out of Context at Barbara Archer Gallery





Daniel Biddy

“Out of Context”

Opening Reception / Friday, October 15, 7-10pm
Exhibition Continues Until Saturday, November 27








Daniel Biddy, Between the Lines (Goad), 2010, collage on paper, 8″ x 8″

Daniel Biddy creates works of collage that incorporate a visual language of appropriated images as elements of oil painting.  These mixed media “inscapes” are conceptual, often allegorical vignettes that are open-ended meditations upon and conversations with the world.  “Out of Context” begins with an opening reception on Friday, October 15 and runs through November 27.









Daniel Biddy, Orbital Antler (Oracle), 2010, collage on paper, 8″ x 8″

While the larger works included in “Out of Context” place a new heavier significance on color field and pattern, Biddy maintains his established process of amassing and re-contextualizing imagery mined from diverse sources in printed and online media.  For several years, Biddy has worked in collage consisting predominantly of collections of paper cut-outs, with oil paint serving as the medium for color field elements in the larger works.  For the new works, he has expanded his store of resources to incorporate a wider range of media, this expansion is driven by piece-specific needs generated during the developmental stages of a working style informed by a sort of “call and response” process.  Newer elements include string, corrugated board and encaustic.









Daniel Biddy, Irrelevant Majesty (Sunny Side), 2010, collage on paper, 8″ x 8″

Placing increased significance on the kinetic line, the works in “Out of Context” move into a realm that reveals a sense of activity and propulsion.  By shifting from the state of static “being” to that of implied motion while not losing the central focus of re-contextualization of appropriated imagery this new work achieves a deeper visual maturity.


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