i45 ArtBox Presents Convergent Frequencies September 17-19 – Free & Open To The Public


a collaboration between
i45 and Possible Futures

Convergent Frequencies

September 17, 18, 19, 2010
Free & open to the public
Intersection of Krog Street and Irwin Street/Lake Avenue

* musical performances each
night at 9pm

The galleries of i45 are pleased to announce “Convergent Frequencies”,
a site-specific art installation commissioned by ArtBox, a collaboration
between i45 and Possible Futures. Follow three local artists, Matt Gilbert,
Matt Haffner, and Nat Slaughter as they reinvent the empty lot with
three large shipping containers using images, film, and sound, while
simultaneously celebrating the surrounding neighborhoods.

Each evening at dusk, media artist and designer, Matt Gilbert , will
present his new video inspired by the modularity of the brain`s vision
system and the similar separation of color and movement in digital
video. It splits images of the local area and musical performance into
two parts—movement and color—investigating them as independent
components, and recombining them into a new video work.

Matt Haffner’s contribution to “Convergent Frequencies” will be a
series of narrative portraits applied to the exteriors of the three shipping
containers. His silhouetted figures play out scenes with a background of
urban iconography including bodegas, pawnshops, liquor stores and
laundromats. Using found images, local architecture, and his personal
understanding of the urban experience, Haffner relates the imagery
specifically to the Inman Park, Old 4th Ward, Little 5 Points area that
both he and the works inhabit.

Artist and designer, Nat Slaughter , will convert the interiors of the
containers into a series of sound installations of binaural field recordings
gathered from walks around Old Fourth Ward, Inman Park and the spaces
in-between. The discrete interior spaces transport listeners throughout the
neighborhood, where designed and random occurrences are experienced.

i45 is a collective of Atlanta galleries in Inman Park (i), the Old Fourth
Ward (4) and Little Five Points (5) working together to promote this
neighborhood`s rich, creative identity. Member galleries include
Barbara Archer Gallery, Henley Studios, Whitespace Gallery,
and Wm Turner Gallery
. Through shared events and common
interests, we seek wider visibility for our artists and our vision of
building a vibrant arts community.

Free and open to the public. Food and beverages available for purchase.

Media contact: Susan Bridges

Member Galleries & Upcoming Shows:

Barbara Archer Gallery
All Folk, continuing through Oct. 2
Daniel Biddy: Out of Context artist reception, Friday, October 15
Harry Ruiz Moreno: Un Obrero del Arte artist reception Friday, November 19

Henley Studios


Soft Core War, paintings by Ann-Marie Manker,
artist reception Friday, September 10
Interior Mind | Exterior World, photography by Julie Sims and Yukari Umeka, artists reception Friday, October 15

WM Turner Gallery

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